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09|17|2009 10:38 am EDT

Name Administration Offers Direct Ad Placement Through LinkBox

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Up to the Minute reports that Frank Schilling’s company Name Administration is involved with a new advertising product called LinkBox. The service allows advertisers to easily create text ads and publish them on Name Administration websites in a matter of minutes.

“You can advertise on a single site, on multiple sites, or across verticals of sites and categories of your choice. Linkbox gives you the flexibility to quickly place your billboard on the information superhighway, without going through traditional corporate ad networks,” the LinkBox beta site explains. “It’s you paying the site owner directly with no big middleman. Build your ad using our easy text editor, pay online, and watch your ad go live in minutes.”

LinkBox was previously developed as a simple form people could fill and submit to indicate advertising interest, but the new improvements certainly makes a more intriguing opportunity for advertisers.

Visit for more information.


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