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03|04|2009 08:34 am EDT

AfternicDLS Announces Premium Promotion and Marketplace Integrity Programs

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Up to the Minute

AfternicDLS, the world’s largest premium domain marketplace, will be introducing two major programs for Spring 2009: Premium Promotion and Marketplace Integrity.

Premium Promotion will help sellers expand their visibility for high-quality domains. By partnering with some of the largest registrars in the world, Afternic will be able to offer your domain for sale on a wide range of registrar websites whenever end-users are looking for a name just like yours. The idea is simple: more traffic, more buyers, and faster sales.

The Marketplace Integrity initiative is intended to create the best user experience in the industry by guaranteeing the quality of each domain name – which will inevitably lead to more sales volume for sellers and higher closing prices per name. AfternicDLS will run each domain through several checks to ensure quality and integrity standards:

  • Registration Verification: There will be stricter measures to protect against fraud to make sure the names you find are legit and for sale.
  • Trademark Check: Every name will be run through their proprietary ACE Technology system, which is integrated with the US Patent and Trademark Office, so you are guaranteed to have the right to use any domain you buy.
  • Removal of “Vice Names”: As a high-quality business oriented marketplace there will be no adult names, extremely violent names, or drug-related names for sale. This will make it easier to find the professional domains you are looking for.

“These enhancements are designed to create a domain marketplace that truly delights both serious sellers and serious buyers, ” explained Pete Lamson, the Senior Vice President & General Manager of the NameMedia Marketplace, the parent company of AfternicDLS. “It is our hope that AfternicDLS’ leadership position on important issues such as Fraudulent or Erroneous Listings, US Trademark violations and Vice Name listings will benefit our entire industry.”

More details regarding the new programs are expected to be released in the upcoming weeks.

[via AfternicDLS]

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