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12|07|2008 09:34 am EDT

Alexa releases top 1 million sites (free download)

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

Alexa now provides a free CSV download of their top 1,000,000 sites world wide, updated daily. The company used to charge $2,500 for access to this list via Amazon Web Services.

[via Randolf Jorberg (German)]

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  • Rich Hill

    The file does not completely load, just the first 65k listings.
    I’m using ms Excel.

  • Frank Michlick

    Excel is limited to 65k lines, you will have to import it into a database in order to work with all the data.

  • Rich Hill

    Thanks Frank, I should have remembered that.

  • Barry

    Hi Frank. Thanks for pointing this out. After I read your post
    today, I downloaded the Alexa top million sites file to a dedicated
    server and wrote a tool to let me search/parse using my browser.

    The data is pretty interesting. In addition to checking on competitors,
    it’s possible to get a list of top trafficked domains by domain extension.

    For example, I found…

    565,805 sites using .com
    70,640 sites using .net
    48,810 sites using .org
    13,135 sites using .info
    3939 sites using .biz
    3628 sites using .tv
    3107 sites using .eu
    227 sites using .mobi

    If you would like to try the tool out, it’s located at and can search the entire list in about 5-10 seconds.

    Thanks again!

  • Frank Michlick

    @Barry: Thank you for sharing the stats and providing the search tool.

  • jp


    Use Excel 2007. The limit in the new excel is 1M, or 2^20.

  • Mauricio

    Muito interessante o serviço de dowload do Top Million sites

    Bosso Imóveis Curitiba


    Is there any online website that provide online alexa daily ranking checking instead of downloading the file every day?

    • ImFM

      @forumku: I’d check the website for that.

  • ahmed aly

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  • Paulina82

    I want to see my site in this top. :)

    • ShopAt Main

      What’s Your Site?

  • Traian Russu
  • Feldzug

    I’m finally in the list with 2 domains: and

  • JE Concursos

    Como faz para achar o meu site?

  • Vicrram Theipanaathan

    hi i am new here, What to do with this links.