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04|21|2009 05:21 pm EDT

Bido proves itself with ccTLDs, sells for over $6000

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Up to the Minute

The domain name auction platform Bido has captivated the domaining community with its unparalleled user experience. You can read domain reviews, join a web chat during the auction, and enjoy the convenience of only having to bid on one domain at a time (starting at only $1).

The complaint, however, has always been domain quality…such as selling for $15, for $11, for $11, and for $2.

To its credit, Bido is doing everything it can to overcome this obstacle – including their recent announcement to accept ccTLDs.

The result?, the second solo ccTLD listed on Bido (aside from the charity auction), became Bido‘s biggest sale since their re-launch on February 19 – gathering 29 bids to finally close at $6712.

Keep up the good work guys.

[via Bido]

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  • Patrick McDermott

    With my comment following, I in no way intend to disparage the great
    improvements made at BIDO.

    I do not know this for sure and only the Buyer can confirm or correct me
    but I will go out on a limb and say that the sale of “” does not
    really represent the sale of a country code domain.

    I suspect it was a sale of a domain hack with the .it representing the
    English word “IT” and NOT the Country Code for Italy.

    Anyway that was my take on it.

  • Chad

    Very likely Patrick, but Bido wouldn’t have had this sale without allowing ccTLDs. Also, the only other solo ccTLD sale at Bido was, which also sold for a solid price (I believe it was over $2000) compared to some of their previous actioned names.

  • Patrick McDermott


    As I said, I did not want it to seem like my comment was intended to
    tarnish anything about BIDO’s auction.

    I just thought someone else might find it relevant or even interesting
    that the sale of “” MIGHT really be a sale of a domain hack
    and not a pure Country Code sale.

    I intended nothing more, nothing less.

    Of course, domain hack or not, the sale could not have happened if
    CCTLDs were not now offered.

    Please do not consider my commentary as criticism in any way.

    It was not.

  • Chad

    No problem – I didn’t take it that way at all :)

    I’m glad you pointed it out.

  • Sahar Sarid


    Domain hack or not it is still a ccTLD. I do understand what you mean though and you may be right. It may have been bought because of the hack version and not the country code, I really don’t know. What I do know is the buyer is an individual who resides in Italy, if that means anything.



  • Patrick McDermott

    “Domain hack or not it is still a ccTLD. I do understand what you mean though and you may be right”

    Oh boy.

    Once again absolutely nothing negative was meant by my posting.

    How can I make it any clearer except perhaps by asking to have the
    posting deleted.

    My posting was just a verbal rendering of my observation that POSSIBLY
    the sale of “” was because it is also a domain hack as well as
    a Country Code domain.

    I just thought someone else might be interested in that possibiilty.

    I do not know the Buyer’s intention and I certainly did not know the
    Buyer is from Italy.

    I did say previously only the Buyer can express his/her true intention.

    Whether it was a country code or domain hack sale does not really matter
    as far as BIDO developing into a viable domain auction format.

    So my final word: Nothing negative was intended.

  • Sahar Sarid

    Patrick, I didn’t assume you said anything negative, your comment was spot on.



  • Adam Strong

    careful patrick we’re all beginning to think you are just here to be negative ;) lol