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08|01|2008 11:38 am EDT

Bido Wants to Fix Domain Parking

by Adam Strong in Categories: Up to the Minute, a website launched earlier this year by Sahar Sarid focused on selling 1 domain per day, has announced the creation of a new service called Portfolio Help. Details of the service are fairly vague and emails to company officials by Domain Name News have gone unanswered. However, based on the loose information on Sahar’s blog and, the service seems to focus on the “strength in numbers” concept.

By rallying together multiple domain portfolio owners, the company can use that leverage to make greater demands of parking companies. The company aims to fill a need that parking companies may have by aggregating these portfolios. Parking companies that need to ramp up, meet quotas or raise their quality scores will gravitate toward a solution where they might quickly gain traffic. This co-op sort of concept was a focus of when they first started. Owner Fin Lemonde was very vocal about the need for domainers to rally together to be able to make more money together rather than separately. Klickerz relied heavily on a Skenzo provided feed and had from time to time faced complaints. Other endeavors in aggregating traffic include Moniker’s Traffic Club. Traffic Club was shut down when Oversee bought Moniker.

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August 1, 2008 @ 10:03 pm EDT

Klickerz rocked

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