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10|13|2010 07:23 pm EDT

.CA Registry Goes EPP

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ccTLDs, Up to the Minute

While some of the .CA registrars are apparently still having problems with this morning’s switchover of the .CA registry to EPP, the registry appears to have successfully completed their migration. So what do the changes mean, aside from another backend protocol being used for registrars to connect to the registry?

  • Registrants will now generally only deal with their registrars and not have to interact with CIRA directly.
  • There are no more CIRA user IDs
  • Domains are Auto-Renewed on a Registry level – just like COM/NET/ORG the registry now automatically renews the domain at the expiry date and charges the registrar account. It is to be expected that registrars will however delete any domains that are not set to auto-renew on the registrar level, just like for the gTLDs.
  • New 3rd and 4th level domains are no longer supported with the exception of 4th level municipal domains. Existing 3rd and 4th level domains will be grandfathered.
  • Registrars can now offer their own whois privacy system for individual registrants.
  • The number of contacts per domain is now limited and not maintained across registrars.
  • New Data used to validate Canadian Presence Requirements (CPR) will be required in 2011.
  • Domains can only be transferred to another registrars 60 days after their initial registration or a previous transfer.
  • An ownership change of a domain does not require a renewal of the domain name any more.
  • “Critical changes” are now processed immediately.

As part of the switchover the registry operator also temporarily disabled the domain deletions, which were usually happening once a week. The process is going to restart on November 3rd, 2011.

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