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09|10|2012 02:29 pm EDT

DNS Denial of Service Attack takes down Go Daddy and their customer’s sites

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars, Up to the Minute

Member of Anonymous claims responsibility

As reported by a number of sources and experienced by ourselves, Go Daddy appears to be experiencing a Denial of Service Attack on their nameservers, taking down customers websites as well. TechCrunch reported on the issue and Anonymous Own3r has claimed responsibility. Go Daddy has acknowledged that they know that there is a problem and that they are working on it.

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  • Allan

    My Private server from Godaddy is online. None of my member had trouble but me being in the same state as godaddy I did for 15min. I do have a few sites on a shared host, offline, but I can care less about those. Thousands of people rely on my main site.


    I would have thought all the big online entities on the web would be bulletproof against DDOS attack by now , They have been hitting sites for many years

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  • Sydney

    What a mess, I know so many people who were lost yesterday with GD going down, amazing to see that they are still so open to attacks