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05|02|2009 02:09 pm EDT

Exchange for Twitter User Names Bending The Rules, Making Usernames More Like Domains

by Adam Strong in Categories: Up to the Minute

Mike at pointed out an article on TechCrunch about a site where users can buy and sell Twitter usernames.  In December, we wrote several articles about these emerging issues surrounding social media site usernames and more specifically how Twitter user names are becoming like domains.  We pointed out Top 100 brands that don’t use Twitter and how these names are being “squatted” . There was also a case of a company that tried to pressure an individual out of a Twitter username account.

I’m surprised it took this long to start an “exchange” to sell usernames, perhaps others who had the idea (myself included) realized that Twitter rules state that buying/selling of accounts is forbidden.  It will be interesting to see how Twitter reacts to the proposition of selling account names.  Users listing their accounts on Tweexchange run the risk that Twitter can at their whim, take away the account being offered for sale.  Not exactly a sound business model or a smart move if your account is indeed of value.

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