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09|01|2009 08:53 pm EDT Expiring Domains Service Now Public

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Up to the Minute

In August 2008, announced they were partnering with NameJet to sell all the company owned expiring domain names. Now, a year later, this service is open to the public.

“You may remember that in 2008 partnered with NameJet to sell our expiring domains,” a Fabulous representative said in an email. “After thorough testing on our own portfolio we are pleased to announce that this program is now available to you.

As an additional revenue opportunity, the Expiring Domains Service has delivered fantastic results for our own portfolio and those customers that were selected for our beta testing program. With the minimum sale price being US$69, it is a great way to squeeze out some final revenue before letting your domains expire.”

Domainers will receive 60% of the final sales prices (minus the renewal fee) for all domains sold through this service. After agreeing to the Expiring Domain Sales Agreement and Domain Inventory Management Agreement, all expiring domains in your account that are not listed as “never sell” will be automatically listed for sale at NameJet.

Domains can still be renewed for the first 30 days after the expiry date, however after this date it may not be possible to retain ownership of your domain names if you’re using this service.

[via Fabulous]

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