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09|24|2009 01:55 pm EDT

ICA Refused to Sign Letter Urging Initiation of New gTLDs

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Up to the Minute

As mentioned yesterday, a group of businesses — mostly consisting of registrars, new gTLD candidates, and new gTLD consultants — sent a letter to ICANN urging the Board of Directors to initiate the new TLD system without further delay. While 61 businesses endorsed the letter, the Internet Commerce Association (ICA) declined the invitation  replying that “ICA would not be serving its members responsibly if we joined in a call for ‘full speed ahead’ when multiple critical details remain in flux.”

“We have yet to see ICANN’s 3rd version of the Draft Applicant Guidebook (DAG) for new gTLDs and have no idea what changes and additions it contains,” stated ICA Counsel Philip Corwin. “…ICANN has also repeatedly stated that it will not open the application window until all the overarching issues related to new gTLDs have been adequately resolved, and ICA supports that position.”

Additionally, “ICA cannot be a signatory to any letter that endorses the IRT [Implementation Recommendation Team] process or its recommendations, much less one that implies they are an improvement over current rules such as the UDRP.”

ICA Counsel Philip Corwin received the request to endorse the draft letter from Jothan Frakes of Minds+Machines.

[via ICA]

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September 25, 2009 @ 12:16 pm EDT

Chad, thanks for posting this. I had posted the following comment on the Internet Commerce Association website, but it has not been displayed:

“Thank you, Phil.

Having personally played a pivotal role in helping to found the ICA and support its formation and growth, I am glad to have included all of these parties in the opportunity to support the letter.

We obviously received a mass of supporters for the letter from a number of organizations, companies, individuals, etc. — and it is still flowing in.

Interestingly (and similar to how the ICA responded) we also received feedback from a number of other organizations and individuals that had expressed their full support of new TLDs and the letter – were it to exclude any support for the IRT – which many had an issue with both in its substance and in the method it was introduced out-of-band to the GNSO and other ICANN processes.

My gratitude to the ICA and its members for consideration on support for the letter.



June 26, 2013 @ 8:16 pm EDT

I think this should not be rushed. It is very critical and should be given time to iron out things. Thanks to ICA. The registrar wants to speed it up because they only want profits and nothing more. Greed will serve us nothing good.

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