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04|01|2009 02:37 pm EDT

ICANN Moves Forward with UFODN Plans

by Adam Strong in Categories: April 1, Up to the Minute

Please note that the following is a parody intended for April Fools day 2009.

Now that ICANN has moved forward plans to create domain names in every character set and language on Earth, the organization is pushing forward a new plan to implement new Unidentified Foreign Origin Domain Names (UFODNs).

Outgoing ICANN President Paul Twomey stated “These new domain names will pave the way for alien species and extra-terestials to set up their own internet presence in the future. We see a future on the internet where bored nerds on planet RErOn49 can blog about their boring lives in their own languages and have domain names that match.”

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Brian Carr

April 1, 2009 @ 2:58 pm EDT

Best one of the day. LOL. Nice to work in an industry that can still poke fun. Cheers.


April 5, 2009 @ 4:37 pm EDT


Sorry, but ET have already contacted me ;), and I’ve negotiated that they can have subdomains on my site. They like many others haven’t been too impressed with all these new TLDs that have been launched.

Bit worried about the bandwidth though… all the civilisations in the visible universe and 10 billion years of advanced technology might be more than my ISP allows…

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