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01|06|2009 11:50 pm EDT

MysteryDomainAuction canceled, money refunded

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

After concerns have been voiced by participants and others, John Motson has taken his (DNN reported earlier) offline. The money has been refunded for all bidders and John will be paying affilliates out of his own pocket. The site states:

Following legal advice obtained as a result of concerns raised by fellow domaining bloggers and some NamePros members about the legality of an all-pay auction in the US where this site is hosted in addition to consideration of the problems I may face at the end of the auction in case more than one person bids with the same amount which is very likely I have decided that the best option is to cancel this auction effective immediately.

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Chris Nielsen

January 8, 2009 @ 1:06 pm EDT

I’m glad to see John made this decision and is handling it this way. I think the domain Mystery Domain could still be used to auction off domains where the buyers can’t tell what it is they are buying, and I would be happy to have some of my domains auctioned off on a site like that. While it may sound like a stupid idea, I think many people would be willing to risk a few bucks for domain name, especially if the domain had a stated topic, with traffic and income stats.

Example: Financial industry domain, registered in 2006, PR2, 1272 uniques in 2008, and earned $172.82 from parking at TrafficZ.

In this case, does it really matter what the domain is…? :-)

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