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04|07|2011 10:47 am EDT

National Arbitration Forum Reports a 24 Percent Increase in Domain Name Dispute Filings in 2010

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

While WIPO recently reported somewhat misleading that “Cybersquatting hit(s) record level“, the National Arbitration Forum reported their numbers today. They also report a higher amount of filed cases for 2010, up to 2,177 from 1,759 in 2009. Only 1,819 of the cases were actually heard by panellists, the remainder were settled beforehand.

When looking at Cybersquatting you need to put the numbers in relation to numbers of registered domain names and only look at those cases where a transfer or cancellation was ordered as a result of the dispute.

[via Press Release]

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