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09|10|2010 05:31 pm EDT

.ORG Prices To Increase April 2011

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registries, Up to the Minute

In an announcement sent to registrars, the Public Interest Registry (PIR) announced that they would follow suit with the recent Verisign increases and increase prices for .ORG domains to $7.21 per domain name year on April 1st, 2011.

The announcement reads:

This is a notice by Public Interest Registry (PIR), pursuant to Section 7.3(B) of the Registry Agreement between the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and PIR, of a price increase for .ORG domain name registrations.

Effective on April 1, 2011, at 0:00 UTC, the fee charged for domain name initial registrations, domain name renewals, and for transferring a domain name from one ICANN-accredited registrar to another will be US$7.21 per domain registration year.

Prior to this notification, PIR has increased the .ORG pricing only once, in November of 2008, since its inception in 2003. From that time to now, despite price increases by other TLDs, we have maintained our current wholesale fee and only passed through the increased ICANN fee starting in 2007.

Concurrent with this notification we are introducing two new programs. The .ORG Future Markets program, to help boost .ORG registrations in developing markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and the revised Accelerated Growth Upgrade rebate program to help boost .ORG registrations in core markets.

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