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05|31|2012 07:58 am EDT

Sedo .ME May Auction Ends in less than four hours

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction, Up to the Minute

Sedo’s May .ME auction ends today in less than four hours. The auction started a week ago and here are the current bids:

DomainCurrent Bid# of Bids
air.me2,900 USD33
camera.me1,284 USD10
losangeles.me1,100 USD14
files.me1,000 USD13
restaurant.me950 USD11
melbourne.me870 USD12
dates.me775 USD8
japan.me767 USD9
lottery.me760 USD10
wines.me659 USD8
private.me610 USD6
commerce.me609 USD7
dvd.me600 USD6
cruise.me560 USD7
sap.me559 USD6
wifi.me559 USD3
datarecovery.me510 USD5
electronics.me510 USD4
mall.me510 USD7
oil.me510 USD4
personals.me510 USD4
telephone.me510 USD6
777.me509 USD3
brisbane.me509 USD5
traffic.me509 USD5
555.me499 USD2
999.me499 USD2
adoptions.me499 USD3
cab.me499 USD3
camp.me499 USD9
camping.me499 USD2
can.me499 USD2
celeb.me499 USD3
chatroom.me499 USD2
contactlenses.me499 USD2
culture.me499 USD2
debt.me499 USD4
dsl.me499 USD3
greeting.me499 USD3
jokes.me499 USD2
language.me499 USD2
malta.me499 USD2
mathematics.me499 USD1
medication.me499 USD1
rap.me499 USD2
scientist.me499 USD2
searchengine.me499 USD2
sydney.me499 USD4
traveling.me499 USD1
webhost.me499 USD2
websitehosting.me499 USD2
resort.me475 USD1
credits.me460 USD1
gibraltar.me460 USD3
444.me450 USD3
calls.me450 USD1
computer.me450 USD2
hoteldeals.me425 USD1
rugby.me425 USD4
clock.me420 USD2
ratings.me415 USD1
apartments.me400 USD6
cellphones.me400 USD1
digitalcameras.me400 USD1
golfcourses.me400 USD2
prize.me400 USD1
promotion.me400 USD1
publicrelations.me400 USD1
scanner.me400 USD1
yearbook.me400 USD6
graduate.me395 USD1
ant.me375 USD1
lamps.me350 USD1
pos.me350 USD1
trees.me350 USD2
airline.me335 USD2
creditcheck.me320 USD5
recycling.me301 USD3
boats.me300 USD2
dvdplayer.me300 USD1
economy.me300 USD1
flashgames.me300 USD1
localdirectory.me300 USD1
unitedkingdom.me300 USD2
venturecapital.me280 USD2
pda.me275 USD1
cricket.me270 USD3
tours.me260 USD3
wireless.me260 USD2
beef.me250 USD2
body.me250 USD1
bogota.me250 USD1
colombo.me250 USD1
euro.me250 USD4
goddess.me250 USD4
jobsearch.me250 USD2
ocean.me250 USD1
offshore.me250 USD2
pottery.me250 USD1
professor.me250 USD1
skin.me250 USD2
tourist.me250 USD2
town.me250 USD2
way.me250 USD3
west.me250 USD1
magazine.me220 USD3
singles.me220 USD3
uruguay.me210 USD2
zimbabwe.me210 USD2
222.me200 USD1
computers.me200 USD1
domainhosting.me200 USD1
houses.me200 USD2
legal.me200 USD1
pacific.me200 USD1
parents.me200 USD1
seniors.me200 USD1
tractors.me200 USD2
tunes.me200 USD3
florist.me150 USD2
movers.me150 USD3
tablet.me150 USD3
mozambique.me120 USD1
ecards.me111 USD2
fall.me111 USD2
looks.me110 USD2
luck.me110 USD1
printer.me110 USD2
ecard.me101 USD1
beaver.me100 USD1
blue.me100 USD1
continue.me100 USD1
desktop.me100 USD1
domainregistration.me100 USD1
greencard.me100 USD1
head.me100 USD1
innovations.me100 USD1
laptop.me100 USD1
locals.me100 USD1
mangas.me100 USD1
musicdownload.me100 USD1
nets.me100 USD1
prayer.me100 USD1
prom.me100 USD1
rail.me100 USD1
tabletpc.me100 USD1
tool.me100 USD1
truck.me100 USD1
trucks.me100 USD1
winter.me100 USD1


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May 31, 2012 @ 9:49 am EDT

Some interesting domains. I’m still not sure about the value of .me in search engine terms, but the shorter names certainly look and sound good in basic marketing terms.  Not sure how long will be useful!


June 27, 2012 @ 7:12 pm EDT

Euro . me – stayed with the Montenegrin registry ;)


June 27, 2012 @ 7:12 pm EDT

For the time-being at least.


June 27, 2012 @ 7:13 pm EDT

Some 190 catchy names going live soon. Between 5th and 12th of July 2012.

Check the inventory @ and/or$cq

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