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06|27|2007 04:57 pm EDT

Moniker Silent Auction on Track To Top $1m in Sales

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Aftermarket, Up to the Minute

Inside scoop from Moniker headquarters tells us that the TRAFFIC silent auction that is just now wrapping up is on the verge of busting the $1 Million marker. Nice job guys!


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July 7, 2007 @ 4:20 pm EDT

I wonder how sites like and get the information about recent sales. Specially how do they know the info about private sales?? Can anyone shed some light on this?

Hi Chris. Most of the sites do not really publish private sales of the buyer/seller do not wish to publish the information. The information Adam gathers from TDNAM/SnapNames is based on him directly monitoring the auctions. Other information we get through direct relationships from the marketplaces, brokers, buyers and sellers.


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