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05|20|2009 04:58 am EDT

.TRAVEL registry proposes to auction some one and two character domain names

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

In a proposal just published on the ICANN site, Tralliance, the operator of the .TRAVEL registry has proposed a plan to release single and two character domain names under the .TRAVEL TLD, partially via auction. Details of the proposed groups of domains and their release after the jump.

  1. The registry itself can pick up to 10 names that it would use for promotion and operation of the TLD.
  2. A list of of names will be auctioned through a third party auction provider, potentially with a reserve price. Bids are to be placed through all accredited registrars for .travel.
  3. Allocation of names via RFP.
  4. Additional auction for all names not allocated above in the same manner as in 2).
  5. Registration of the remainder of names on a first come, first serve basis

In addition the registry is taking steps in order to allow ccTLD operators to register their ccTLD under the .travel domain at normal registration cost with the commitment to use the name.

The full details of the proposal are available on the ICANN site (PDF). Similar proposals have been submitted by .BIZ, .COOP, .JOBS, .MOBI, .NAME and .PRO.

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Music Videos

May 20, 2009 @ 8:04 am EDT

Is there any minimum prize for those domains? Did you have any more info?

Frank Michlick

May 20, 2009 @ 8:10 am EDT

The reserve price will be set by the registry should ICANN approve their request.

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